"Barry Buzz's the name, makin' stars the game." - Barry Buzz

Barry BuzzEdit

Barry Buzz is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user gloomyMoron. Barry is a Buzzar that seeks fame and fortune! ... For others that is. Barry is an outgoing, pushy, fast-talking, and slick 'hep cat' that has been 'round the block a few times. A "former" con artist and rapscallion turned talent agent, Barry is one wild and crazy guy.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 35% Blithe
    • + Vigor, Gregariousness (sociability)
    • - Flippancy, Bluntness, Superficiality
  • 20% Insight
    • + Confidence, Ambition
    • - Arrogance, Tactlessness
  • 35% Shine
    • + Extroversion
    • - Flippancy, Bluntness, Superficiality
  • 10% Aegis
    • + Conviction, Hope
    • - Pride, Stubbornness, Recklessness

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Sunglasses (worn at all times, especially at night.)
  • Wears a white suit with a dark gray shirt and red tie.
  • Always carrying a blue pen in one of his talons.
  • Head feather sometimes slicked back.
  • Uses 'outdated' slang words often, and occasionally incorrectly.

Personality and InterestsEdit



  • (Sleazy) Talent Agent
  • Con Artist ("former")