B.B. as he appeared in the very first panel of the forum adventure.

Booboo (aka B.B.) is a boo that lives on the beach. He was the first character to be introduced in the Everclear Night, and he is generally incredibly silly. He has trouble staying intangible, which leads to the injuries that inspire his name. B.B. is best bros with Clyde , and befriended Shyla at the beginning of the adventure.

When Jitterbug and Clyde arrived on Lemonade Beach, it was revealed that Jitterbug is one of B.B.'s heroes. He happily returned Jitterbug's Streamer to the daredevil and found himself fast friends with the massive chomp. Booboo was born under the Light zodiac sign.

Interests and PersonalityEdit

Booboo's interests include swimming, star-gazing, and chilling the heck out. He dislikes claw machines. Booboo's personality is made up of roughly 50% each of Shine and Mend humors.


B.B. in Paper Mario style.

Attacks & Special MovesEdit


FP Cost: 0

Damage: 2 (+? action command)

Description: "This attack causes you to shoot your unusually fleshy body at enemies, careening into them at high speeds to cause damage."


FP cost: 3

Special Effect: Temporary invulnerability and immobility

Description: "Allows you to turn you and your partner intangible for one turn, making you invulnerable to attacks and invisible, but also temporarily immobile. However, due to your difficulty with staying consistently intangible, there's always a chance this ability won't go quite as planned."

Team Attack : Boo BuddiesEdit

FP Cost: ???

Damage: ???

Special Effect: Temporarily splits B.B. apart into two smaller, pink boos.

Description: By ingesting one of Shyla's Bob-Omb Blast! sodas, B.B. explodes from the inside-out into two smaller boos. The full effects of this move have yet to be seen, as it hasn't been used in battle yet.



The humor recipe for Booboo.