Boodacious, the bubbly boo.

"Omigosh, Boorish, what are ya doing wayyyy out here? Didja like, get lost or something??"

Boodacious is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user artisticallyChallenged.

Boodacious is a boo!


Boodacious is extremely curious, so when she saw Boorish sneaking out of the mansion, she tagged along to see where Boorish was off to! Boodacious finally caught up to Boorish in Forever Forest, much to Boorish's dismay. Since then, Boodacious has been doing an excellent job of stomping all over Boorish's nerves ever since.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 50% Relief
    • Generosity, Sincerity, Inner Peace
    • Naivete, Inaccessability, Forgetfulness
  • 40% Shine
    • Optimism, Extroversion, Joy
    • Selfishness, Gu​llibility, Insanity
  • 10% Aegis
    • Steadfastness, Conviction, Security, Hope
    • Pride, Stubborness, Recklessness

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Large magenta/pink and silver StarCandy headphones
  • Matching pink iBood
  • Magenta beaded bracelet
  • Light pink eyeshadow
  • Very perky but lax!

Personality and InterestsEdit

Boodacious is quite the contrast to her sister, Boorish. She's always very optimistic and willing to do things and to help others. She's also perky and energetic and often goes on walks (floats?) to release some of that energy. She tends to be pretty ditzy and reckless, too.

She spends 90% of her time listening to music (usually pop) and the other 10% reading magazines, chewing gum, talking to Boorish, or sleeping. She often pesters Boorish to take her to the Toad Town mall, but never really manages to talk her into it. (Boorish can't exactly waltz right into Toad Town with a stolen circlet atop her head, after all!)

She has a boofriend named Bootune, who shares her intense love of music. They've been going steady for a while now.