Boorish, the exceptionally temperamental boo.

"Ugh, Boodacious, just go home and quit meddling already!"

Boorish is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user artisticallyChallenged.

Boorish is a boo, and not a very pleasant one at that.


When she was younger, Boorish grew extraordinarily tired of being the same as everyone else in her mansion (white boo with no distinguishing features/style whatsoever). Her mother tried to quench her thirst for individuality with a golden bangle, but to no avail. Thus, Boorish set out into the world, aspiring to be different. She made her way to Toad Town, where, after spotting a local jewelry shop, she stole a circlet that was everything she could ever hope for. Luckily, she wasn't caught due to her intangibility. With nowhere to go, Boorish made a makeshift house out of a shabby, abandoned shack smack dab in the middle of Forever Forest. Unluckily for Boorish, Boodacious had been sneakily following her the whole time and decided to tag along with her for a looooong while afterwards.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • BoorishRecipe
    60% Ardent
    • Love, Anger, Zeal
    • Infatuation, Irritation, Rage
  • 30% Pragma
    • Realism, Practicality, Impartiality
    • Apathy, Rebelliousness, Legalism
  • 10% Aegis
    • Steadfastness, Conviction, Security, Hope
    • Pride, Stubborness, Recklessness

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Gobs of makeup (due to insecurity)
  • Circlet with ruby in the center
  • Golden bangle
  • Sneaky-ness
  • Anger issues

Personality and InterestsEdit

Boorish has a very short fuse and little to no patience, and she's also hard-headed. She is also very practical and can find usefulness for nearly anything (even Boodacious).

Though she won't admit it to anyone, she's always had a thing for Tom. (Not that it's not painfully obvious, though.) At first it's just infatuation, but eventually it develops into something more. It pains her that he's such a player...


  • Boorish's real name is "Boourgeoisie," but, uh... obviously she didn't like it. Someboody called her "boorish" once, and she thought that'd be a much more fitting name!