Catamimi's Soul-Smithing Recipe

"You want some candy? I gotta whooooooole bunch and I don't mind sharing!"

Catamimi is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Erastos. A simply childish Cataquack that wants nothing more than to have fun and make friends.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 40% Relief Humor
    • + Generosity, Sincerity
    • - Naivete, Forgetfulness
  • 20% Vision Humor
    • + Creativity
  • 40% Shine Humor
    • + Joy, Extroversion
    • - Gullibility

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Cat Headband
  • Her Pinkness
  • Her Striped-Socks

Personality and InterestsEdit

Born and raised in Gelato Beach of Isle Delfino, Catamimi has always been a bit different than the other Cataquacks in her family. It was probably her strange discolored red which made her stand out from her brothers and sisters since they themselves were a bright red, though she never really thought much about her coloring and still doesn't think much about it now.

When she got to be the right age, she went left the isle cause the world was big and why stay in one place? Of course, she wasn't really thinking much about what to do or really live in the mainlands till she noticed she was running low on coins. Catamimi isn't the most brightest Cataquack but it doesn't mean she was completely useless, she used most of the candy she had brought from home and sold it to people on the streets. That started her mini business, well somewhat, she kinda ran out of hard candy after her first pathetic sale. Few of them being given away for free.

Catamimi loves toys, simply talking about it makes her want to play with her own! Sadly to her demise, she left her collection of Mario Toy Company Minis back home. Something she really wish she didn't forget cause they make her happy and they are so much fun!

Candy and fun for everyone, a motto that Catamimi goes by. Especially the candy part since she thinks candy cures every problem that the world has to offer but giving away candy is kinda hard when you're out of the stuff and she didn't start making her own till after her first sale attempt. What better candy than homemade hard candy and she could make a bunch of batches of candy to all... and of course, for a tiny fee sometimes.


She is a unprofessional Traveling Confectioner, she makes and sells her own sweet treats... But the problem is, which makes her unprofessional, she loses a bit of coins from being too gullible at times.