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[character name] is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user [user]. [Give the character's species, and a general idea of what they're like here]

Humor ProfileEdit

  • % humor 1
    • + positive trait (optional)
    • - negative trait (optional)
  • % humor 2
    • + positive trait (optional)
    • - negative trait (optional)
  • etc

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • physical characteristic 1
  • physical characteristic 2
  • etc

Personality and InterestsEdit

[Here's the meat of the sandwich -- tell us all about your character! What sort of things do they like, and what are they good at? What about their personality and interests sets them apart from other characters? What are the first things someone would notice if they ran into them -- what makes them particularly likeable, or particularly UNlikable? Do they have any big dreams or aspirations? Is there anything in particular that motivates them throughout their day-to-day life?]


[Occupation, if your character has one]