"Yo. Chi's the name."

Chi is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Captain Combusken. Chi is an Orange Yoshi, and is a main character in the (yet to be made) sub-fancomic by Captain Combusken. He is the self-appointed and respected leader of the group of four heroes.


Humor ProfileEdit

  • 60% Aegis
  • 25% Insight
  • 15% Ardent

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Orange Skin
  • Blue Cape
  • Awesomely cool pair of sweet shades

Personality and InterestsEdit

Chi humour

Chi is extremely cool. He tries to keep a nonchalant demeanor no matter what he does.

Chi is a valiant and Brave fighter. He won't back down from a challenge and is always deadset of his goals. He is not afraid to explore into the unknown, and frequently randomly decides to go on an adventure to random places for the hell of it, just to see what those places are like.

The Yoshi is also an extremely tough fighter. It takes a lot to injure or hurt Chi, because he doesn't stop fighting, even when it seems inevitable that he will lose.

However, Chi is extremely reckless, so his sporadic adventures and his hardiness in fighst often get him into difficulty. He stumbles through life at high speed. Frequently he has needed hospital treatment after refusing to back down.

Chi is also a very confident Yoshi, and while this is often very useful, especially in fights, this sometimes translates

Chi in Paper Mario style.

as arrogance, making him irritating at times and worsening his recklessness, because he always believes he can win a fight.

Chi is however respected as a leader for his adventurous spirit, calm attitude and grit. Though noone truly trusts him in his work (see below), civilians tend to like him.


Chi is a "Freelance Sleuth". Basically, he solves crimes, but his arrogance and recklessness have lead to him becoming infamously unreliable and likely to start fights, so he rarely gets work.