Clyde got himself into trouble after tagging Club Melody's entrance with graffiti.

Club Step in the gargantuan bouncer for Rhythm City's own Club Melody. Club Step became the game's first Mini-Boss after Clyde spray-painted a star onto Club Melody's door, and Jitterbug crash landed next to the building, destroying the side-walk. Club Step has shown himself to have massive strength, even going so far as to swing Jitterbug around like a weapon, instantaneously crushing Clyde's pilfered crane.


  1. Club step was the first character ever to be seen entering a state of Schism or wearing a Badge.
  2. During a live-stream, Clubstep was hastily drawn in a Sweet Rave Party. This piggybacked on a similar trend from the Homestuck fan-base, and began a stream of images of both canon and fan characters dancing in a rave. The images are planned to be combined into an animation, but the project is not yet completed.

    Club Step getting down with his bad self.