Clyde in the city at the moment of his introduction to Everclear Night.

Clyde is a goomba, and a really cool one at dat. Clyde was the third character introduced to Everclear Night. He is best bros with Booboo and met Jitterbug early on. Clyde and Shyla are bitter rivals, for soda-related reasons.

Clyde has a number of connections that owe him favors or are willing to help him out, with most close and notable being Tripsy and Lolly.

When Clyde and Jitterbug arrived at Lemonade Beach , it was revealed that Shyla and Clyde have a long-standing feud over his soda tab and Tripsy muscling in on Shyla's Soda Business.

Interests and PersonalityEdit

Clyde is interested in rollerblading, poetry hip-hop, B-grade horror flicks, and the ladies.


Clyde's personality is made up of (from bottom to top) Aegis, Vision, Ardent, and Shine humors.


The humor recipe for Clyde.


  • Clyde has been stated in one of Shyla's recollections to know everybody, and so far this doesn't look like an exaggeration. He has some connection with not only Sasha, but also the Koopa King himself, Bowser.