"Zzzzzz..... Huh, what?"

Cooper is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Captain Combusken. Cooper is a Koopa Troopa, and is a main character in the (yet to be made) sub-fancomic by Captain Combusken. He provides entertainment for the group, and is a motivator.


Humor ProfileEdit

  • 65% Flow
  • 30% Shine
  • 5% Aegis

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Has a Blue shell and boots
  • Waers a Helmet

    Cooper in Paper Mario style.

  • Carries around a spear

Personality and InterestsEdit

Cooper humor
Chi may be cool and calm, but if you are looking for a chill dude, this is your go-to guy. Cooper is extremely relaxed. He rarely has any troubles in life, because he is constantly too chilled out to care. In fact, he is so calm that actually, he is more accurately described as Lazy. Cooper is a terrible sloth, and it takes a lot of input from others for him to be bothered to do anything.

The Koopa Troopa is, however, also very funny. He can create jokes out of the most mundane topics, and is a master of coming up with puns and various other humourous things, including his skills as a rapper. In addition, Cooper's cheerful and hopeful attitude to life mean that he can see a silver lining even in the toughets of places, making him an optimist. He is also a good motivator, and when everyone else is feeling glum or upset, he is good at cheering them, making them then want to do stuff.

Cooper is also quite gullible though, and has been misled on many occasions.


Cooper works as a Guard, working outside the Koopa Bank, where Koopas go to deal with their transactions. However, he is not very good at his job, due to his extreme laziness. He often falls alseep on the job, and though he does have a guard there with him at all times as all employees must have, he has frequently been threatened with redundancy if he doesn't start working better.