Inspector Snifs with hat

Detective Snifs is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user BigBurkhart. Detective Snifs is a Snifit who works with the police in the Mushroom Kingdom to maintain peace and order in the more populated areas of the city. He has starred in his own mini-arc during the first chapter of the adventure, making him a canon character.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 40% Logos
    • + Reasoning, Deduction, Memory
    • - Obsession, Occasional emotionlessness
  • 30% Insight
    • + Confidence, Diligence
    • - Tactlessness
  • 30% Aegis
    • + Steadfastness, Conviction, Security
    • - Pride, Stubbornness

      Detective Snifs in Paper Mario style.

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Heavy overcoat and stylish yet functional hat

Personality and InterestsEdit

Snifs is the kind of person who would rather be out in the field stopping crime than back doing paperwork, but he realizes the need for both ends of the job. He also has a bit of a reputation as a relentless force when a certain criminal catches his interest. Indeed, there are times when Snifs becomes fixated on his target and won't rest until they're caught. Even so, Snifs likes to do things by-the-book and will come up with brilliant ways of outsmarting whoever he's chasing. Sometimes, though, a criminal will get repeatedly lucky at evading capture, driving the detective to drown his frustrations in Chuckola Cola.

When not working, Detective Snifs enjoys touring the peaceful countryside or going to the beach. Anything to get away from the city for a while. He enjoys playing strategy games, and trying new foods as well.

Detective Snifs does not make friends easily, and he's rarely the life of any party, but he will go to any lengths to help those he cares about. He never hesitates to help anyone that he sees in danger.



Detective Snifs as he first appeared in the comic.

One the job, Detective Snifs is a very serious being. He takes his job with pride, and feels that policework was and still is his life's one true calling. He's also very good at his job, as well, being at least partly responsible for the arrest of at least 3 major gangs in the Mushroom Kingdom over the course of his career. Most notable of these was the arrest of "Razorbeak" Cruz, the head of the now defunct Slamma Bros. gang, and terror of the Rhythm City underground.

He has taken it upon himself to monitor the Coronation Ceremony -- since literally everyone was invited, he was aware of the high chances of spotting someone on Mushroom Kingdom's wanted list.


  • Detective Snifs has been dubbed as the comics Ensemble Darkhorse for accumulating massive amounts of fanfare immediately after his introduction in the actual plot.
  • One of the wanted posters on Detective Snifs' wall depicts Dayzee the Amayzee, a fan character turned canon by this cameo.