Dire Humor
Color: Dark Purple (Hex: #41045E)

Good For: ???

Positives: Unbelievable Power (potentially)

Negatives: Berserk Trigger, Death, Or Worse

"...its effects can be devastating. When used in the proper way, it is said to impart unbelievable POWER, but the mixture is volatile and hard to control. It almost never comes out correctly.

You shouldn't ever use this one. EVER."



One would expect this humor to be abundant in villains due to its potentially devastating effects. However, Bowser has been stated to not have the Dire humor, and neither does Sasha. Using the right (or wrong) combination of normal humors can create a variety of appropriate villainous personalities without needing to add any Dire.

The Dire humor does not contribute any personality traits -- positive or negative -- to a character at all. As such, the potential benefits and downfalls it conveys are as of yet unknown.