"Uh, I can go away if you'd like... I-it's no big deal."

Dougie is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Captain Combusken. Dougie is a Monty Mole, and is a main character in the (yet to be made) sub-fancomic by Captain Combusken. He is the muscle of the group of four heroes, and it is he who does most of the hard work.


Humor ProfileEdit

  • 55% Mend
  • 30% Aegis
  • 5% Vision

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Wears a Red top
  • Wears a Red Helmet with a flashlight on it
  • Wears Red studded shoes.
  • Often carries around a pickaxe.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Dougie humor
Dougie is extremely shy and unsure of himself. He is easily intimidated by bigger personalities and often goes along with what they wish because he doesn't want conflict. He is a peace-lover at heart. Dougie is also very introverted, and speaks rarely to others nor interacts with many at all. He is extremely insecure.

However, Dougie is also extremely kind. If he sees someone in trouble, he will do his utmost to help them. He is also very kind and caring, and extremely empathic to peoples' troubles. He truly is a very selfless person. He rarely tries to help himself, but is always willing to help others.

Dougie is also very hardy and steadfast. He loves peace and does not like conflict, but is quite a tough Monty Mole who is able to survive some very harsh conditions, as evidenced by his jobs. He is also very focused and determined, and always gives everything he's got in any situation.


Dougie works in a Mine. It's a tough, gritty, dirty place, and frequently, Moles die on their job. The work is vital though, because it provides important coal and metal ores for Rhytm City. Dougie wants to better his prospects in life and have a less hazardous job. But work for Moles, especially shy ones like Dougie, is hard to come by.