Franz's Soul-Smithing Recipie

"Whaddya want? Make it quick, hurry it up! I don't have all day- do you?" '-Franz


"Franz", is a fancharacter created by MSPA user Efrite. He is a Gulpit with a good taste for food.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 50% Ardent
    • Passionate about his restaurant
    • ...only too passionate
  • 45% Logos
    • Good business-sense
    • Managerial complex
    • Blocks emotions
  • 5% Mend
    • Can fix stuff and situations
    • Compassionate towards others... occasionally
    • Causes internal guilt for brash decisions

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Bobble hat and scarf to protect against cold... even when there isn't any.

    Franz in Paper Mario style.

  • Deep purple scales- almost resembles an eggplant.
  • Tongue remains blue from his childhood in Fahr Outpost.

Notable AttacksEdit

  • Rage (0FP): 2HP
  • Scarf Whip (1FP): 1HP (Dizzy)
  • Brick Spit (3FP): 1-4HP
  • Insult-work-ethic (6FP): 5HP (Dizzy or Burn)

Personality and InterestsEdit

He is a restauranteur and a good at it. Coming from the desolate land of Fahr Outpost, he wishes to start up a restaurant in Rhythm City where he will have more customers than just the occasional hiker and mustachioed plumber. He occasionally is inclined to take up for those in need: Fahr Outpost is a small community and seeing urban anomilies like poverty and destitution tugs at Franz's Mend Humour.