Greaser welcoming you to his shop

"They may kind of pricey, but I guarantee and endorse every one of my quality mods. You're not gonna be disappointed!" - Greaser

"Hey you! Yeah, you! Just try and steal from my shop and I'm gonna lay a beating on you so hard it'll make the final boss cry." - Greaser

Greaser (aka: Hyperion Mk II) is the Shopkeep of the shop known as Module Kingdom. He specializes in selling Modules and Upgrades for the E.G.O., and is very knowledgeable when it comes to how the E.G.O. works and how to optimize its effectiveness.

His wares may be a little pricy, but they are definitely worth the credits.

Interests and PersonalityEdit

Greaser is shown to be very amicable to those who enter his shop, and is more than willing to give friendly advice to anyone who asks. He has a gruff and almost fatherly demeanor, and can always be seen working on something or tinkering with parts trying to build new devices. He hates idleness and cannot stand seeing lazy people. He similarly dislikes braggarts, stating one's actions should say everything about him or her.

Greaser also has a legendarily low tolerance for thieves. If he catches anyone stealing from his shop or the shops of any of his friends, woe be to that unfortunate shoplifter.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 40% Aegis
  • 30% Logos
  • 20% Vision
  • 10% Ardent (In a capsule shaped like a bolt)


Greaser is a character created by user BigBurkhart. Despite not being specifically created for the forum adventure, Greaser made the leap to canon.

Greaser is very fond of his eyebrows.




The fate of a shoplifter