A bit of a note about the zodiac.

According to Booracle, the signs represent the biggest division in someone's life, one which people try to find balanced. an eclipsed sign shows that such a balance will be hard to obtain.

(The following are my thoughts about ALL of the Zodiac signs.)

the Light (B.B)- Do you Descend, or do you Disperse?. Do you descend from the light into darkness, or do you disperse light to others?

the Wall (Not known)- Do you Shatter or do you Stand? Do you crumble when your walls are pushed, or do you stand tall?

the Flower (Not known)-

the Bond (Not known)- Do you Forge or do you Break? Do you forge bonds with others, or do you try to break them?

the Life (Not known)-

the Door (Not known)- Do you Open or do you Close? Do you open your heart to others, or close it off?

the Song (Not known)- Do you Perform or do you Accompany? Do you Perform on your own, or do you accompany others in their songs?

The Leaf (Not known)-

the Mystery (Not Known)- Do you Hide or do you Reveal? Do you hide mysteries that you know, or do you Reveal mysteries of others?

the Star (Not known)-

the Love (Not known)-

the Tide.(Not known)- Do you Ebb or do you Flow? Do you ebb and pull back away from others, or do you flow and push past other's guards?