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Luni is a Paper Mario fancharacter. luni is a peepa who is freindlier than most peepas, but still likes to prank.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 25% vision humor
    • + innovation
    • - overcomplication
  • 35% shine humor
    • + optimism, joy
    • - Insanity
  • 25% Aegis humor
    • + steadfastness, hope
    • - recklessness
  • 10% turnabout humor. tis character is not mute.
  • Distinguishing Features
  • mostly yellow
  • blue bow

Personality and InterestsEdit

A mischevious but nice peepa, she lives in boo manshion, cooking up pranks. whenever she is not pranking, she is very optimistic but a little insane.


She runs a prank store.