Paper Mario and the EverClear Night Wiki

"I will fight for justice like a true hero! Um... I think..."

Not as fierce as he appears.

Metabomb is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user BigBurkhart. The most extraordinary thing about Metabomb is his imagination. He's a bit of a space cadet and fairly absent-minded, but he wants to prove himself to be a hero someday just like his favorite comic-book hero, Metaknight.

Humor Profile[]


  • 50% Sanguine
    • + Moxie, well-balanced
    • - Fool-hardy
  • 30% Mend
    • + Selfless, Compassionate
    • - Envy
  • 20% Vision
    • + Creative, Focused
    • - Tunnel Vision, Overcomplication

Distinguishing Features[]

  • Carefully crafted, hand-made, metal mask (imitating his hero)

    MetaBomb in Paper Mario style.

  • Dark blue coloration, with purple feet

Personality and Interests[]

Normally, Metabomb is the quiet, bookish sort that loves to just sit and read. He's good-natured and friendly enough, but if he's distracted and anyone wants to talk to him, that person will have to initiate the conversation themselves. Once that conversation is started, though, Metabomb will cheerfully chat with you all day. Metabomb has spent many a day lounging underneath a tree with a stack of newly-arrived comic books, taking them in voraciously. He loves comics so much that he's a regular customer at Indigoo Ink, and quite possibly their most frequent shopper. His favorite comic book by far is "The Adventures of Metaknight."


Metabomb frequents Indigoo Ink to buy and read comics, and is on good terms with the Indigoo family. He often gushes over his comic books with Inkabella Indigoo, and visits his best friend Cecil Indigoo while Cecil is working. Calamaria tends to avoid him, having no interest in his reading material.

When it comes to conversing with others, Metabomb isn't shy, but occasionally tends to let his imagination get the better of him. He constantly dreams of becoming a hero, but he knows it would take a miracle for any kind of amazing adventure to happen in a way that he can join in. He has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of obscure comic book happenings, which interestingly applies to everyone's favorite plumber since most of his adventures were published in the Mushroom Kingdom. (It's unknown if Mario actually gave his consent for this, or how close the comics are to the truth.)

Metabomb is an inexperienced, but enthusiastic combatant. He dislikes exploding, which is strange for a bob-omb, and instead has learned to straighten and toughen his wick to use it like a sword. However, if he is desperate, his bob-omb nature comes out and he will use explosions.


Metabomb is still young, but aspires to travel the land and help those in need. Most consider this to just be a daydream, though. Metabomb does odd jobs around the city for people, calling it "hero training." He often turns down payment, unless he knows a new comic is about to be printed. Most people just use him as a courier.

Metabomb as drawn by gestaltScribbler