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"Beginning with light, life and mystery"
Booracle, to BB:"These signs are the Light, the Wall, the Flower, the Bond, the Life, the Door, the Song, the Leaf, the Mystery, the Star, the Love and the Tide. According to the cards, the sign that was overhead when you were born was the Light."

The story begins with BB, and BB ' sign is the Light.
CONJECTURE: Clyde and Shyla ' signs are life and mystery. If we 're going in order of introduction, that would make Shyla Life and Clyde Mystery, though my gut assumption says that Mystery fits Shyla better.
IF "Light" can mean "BB", then according to the prophecy:
"But if <bad stuff>...then must rise the light
And gather them up, the hearts of the stars
Those crystalized messengers sent from afar
And one by one return to their home
Nestled inside a bed of stone"
"And with power of light, heroes assemble"
This doesn't immediately seem to fit BB, but it's way too soon to generalize that far I think. "And with power of light" could mean BB is the power that the heroes use. Alternatively, it could mean "And with the power held by BB".
Lastly, "power of Light" could mean something entirely different, not directly related to BB."