"Books are vital to life. They hold a myriad of mysteries and without them, it is a certain fact that we would be lost in this world."

Myco is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Captain Combusken. Myco is a Green Toad, and is a main character in the (yet to be made) sub-fancomic by Captain Combusken. He is the brainbox of the group of four heroes.


Humor ProfileEdit

  • 50% Logos
  • 45% Vision
  • 5% Shine

Distinguishing Features

Myco in Paper Mario style.


  • Green spots on head
  • Wears a Green suit
  • Wears a Brown tie
  • Wears Glasses
  • Often carries around a book.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Myco humor
From an early age, Myco was extremely intelligent. He could frequently be found reading books and absorbing knowledge. At Toad school, he was the top in his class, in every class. Well, every class apart from Sports, where he was decent, but not the best.

He has kept this intelligence as he has grown, and is today one of the most known and respected scholars. He does tend to talk down a lot to those less intelligent than him, and is very patronising generally. He believes he is superior to others due to his intelligence.

Myco is also a very ordered person. He likes to make plans and put things ina clear order. He never approaches any situation without a completely clear idea of what is going on, whether por not he should react and what he should do to react. However, this is often not necessary. Myco tends to overcomplicate things and find small details where none exist. He is meticulous, but overly so.

Myco also has a vivid Imagination and is very Creative. In addition to his job, he sepnds his free time inventing things. Most of his inventions haven't worked, but he preseveres on them all, hoping that they will one day become successful. However, he does spend a lot of time on these inventions, and apart from work, he rarely leaves his home. He tends to get easily obsessed with things.

Myco is also very optimistic and is generally happy with his life.


Myco works as a librarian, due to his love of books. He also gives the occasional lecture at the Toad university. He enjoys his work and always works hard at them.