Here he is. With his trusty baton and aura of monochrome

"Gives him a piece of his mind."

Officer Thoderson is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Scowling Dragon. A ghost of an age long gone in policework. The age of silence, black and white, slapstick, and Piano Music.

Humor Profile'

§ 40% Aegisis

§ + Strong in the face of danger

§ + Optimistic

§ - Completely refuses to change with the times.

§ 25% Logos

§ + Good with clues and deduction

§ - Obsessed with the past

§ 25% Mend

§ + Herioc and just

§ - Sometimes thinks of himself as irrelevant and worthless.

§ 10% Turnabout

§ - Creepy to be around

Distinguishing Features'

§ Completely monochrome

§ Stache

§ Completely mute, but is followed by the sound of a ghostly piano that mirrors his emotional state (Pleasant music for pleasant Thonderson, monstrous mashing for mad Thonderson).

sHas a notebook that he uses to communicate. Or sometimes just pantimimes what he wan'ts to say.

Personality and Interests

Officer Thondersom was an ordinary officer of the law nearly 100 years ago. But it all changed when a chase resulted in him getting squished by a falling piano. But he came back, as a Boo. But he fit right in anyway with the rest of the crowd. But as times changed.....he didn’t. As sound came in he remained mute, as color arrived he remained monochrome. Eventually he found himself to be a living relic of a bygone age.

Needless to say when it comes to law enforcement he still likes to do it the olden ways, and stubbornly refuses to change, always finding ways to complain about these new fangled Camera’s, video tapes, computers. But as annoying as this trait is, when situations without fangled cameras and video tapes arise he is the master of the job.

But secretly, Thonderson doubts himself. He feels himself increasingly out of place, and useless in the world of today and denies the future because hes just not good at using it. So he hides under a façade of superiority.

It doesn’t help that its difficult being around Thonderson. He is an unsettling person. The haunting piano music, and being mute is just too much for many. So he constantly find himself feeling lonely.


Obviously, an officer of the law. Also a visitor of a poetry circle on days off.