"Oh, how I long fer the days that mah grandpappy dreamt of! It'd be much better'n livin' in this foolish age..."

Piperika is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user llamamiah. She is a Pipe Monster, and just wishes that everything was how it was eighty or so years ago, despite being 24.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 57% Ardent
    • + Love for the "Olden Days".
    • - Easily Irritated by anyone her age or younger.
  • 41% Pragma
    • + Practical Worker.
    • - Rebels against modern society with old-fashioned-ness.
  • 2% Turnabout
    • + Uniquely Minded for someone her age.

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Constantly wears a purple scarf.
  • Has several bronze spikes and rings on her body.
  • Dark Green body.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Piperika loves the "Olden Days", which her grandfather always taught her about. She therefore wishes that life was how it was back then, and holds contempt for modern society. She has a love for homemade spices, and has made her living by selling them from her crank-powered kart. Most people immediately notice that she frequently goes on long tangents about the "Olden Days" that rarely make sense, so not many people particularly "like" her. However, she gets along very well with older people, and constantly swaps bizarre stories.




Piperika was originally a set of pipes - for plumbing, not transport - that were within an elderly wannabe-wizards house. He had always wanted a child, almost as much as he wanted his magic to work, so when he randomly made up a few words and his pipes sprung to life, he was incredibly happy. The wizard raised Piperika as his own granddaughter, and taught her all the ways of the world, especially how it used to be. He told numerous tall tales about his wonderful magical adventures, and constantly worked on improving his magical abilities in order to show his grandchild how amazing he was. He eventually died of old age, but told Piperika that he had made up all those stories, and how it was only how he wished the world could be.

Lit with a burning passion, Piperika set out to make the world as it was in her grandfather's dreams, just as he had first fantasized in his distant youth.