If you have not read the story yourself, you may want to avoid this page. Reading this page will help to get you up to speed quickly, but may ruin the fun and surprises of certain plot points. With that in mind, read on.


The Prologue of the adventure introduced us to its setting, and some of its key characters. First, Booboo was introduced on Lemonade Beach. He goofs around with his blanket and TV, during which it is revealed that it is Coronation Day, which explains the empty beach. He then meets Shyla at her soda stand, and with her sodas creates the first Team Attack. As the two of them put B.B. back into one boo, the story's perspective switches to Clyde, in Rhythm City. He does some rollerblading tricks and a couple "heroic" activities, one of which is spray-painting the side of Club Melody. The club's bouncer, Club Step, exits the club and stares Clyde down, at which point the story switches to view Sasha. She is revealed to be the star of the upcoming Coronation Ceremony, and she struggles with her addiction to candy while she waits. Sasha decides to have a piece, and it brings on a candy flashback. She snaps out of it at the sound of the ceremony's trumpets and fanfare. While walking out to the balcony, she recites a cryptically prophetic poem. Then, as she is crowned princess, Sasha is revealed to be the story's main villain!

End of Prologue.