"Good evening Rhythm City!"

R.J. Burgundeel is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user Tac. R.J. is a green Bumpty newscaster, known for his signature green scarf and upbeat attitude. In his name is a thinly veiled reference to the movie Anchorman.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 30% Blithe
    • + Sociable, Vigorous
    • - Blunt, Lacking tactfulness, Loud
  • 30% Ardent
    • + Passionate, zealous
    • - Jealousy
  • 40% Vision
    • + Creative
    • - Overthinks things

Distinguishing Features

R.J. Burgandeel in Paper Mario style.


  • Rare green color
  • Scarf

Personality and InterestsEdit

R.J. Burgundeel is an anchorman for Rhythm City's Channel 4 evening news. He is a zealous and creative bumpty, always bringin Rhythm City the most up-to-date, excting news of the day. Off of work, he is an avid fisherman, often going out on his boat and taking days off at a time to go on fishing trips. He is passionate about most anything he does, though tends to overthink things sometimes. He can tend to be blunt and loud, which in turn doesn't make him overly tactful. He's a talker, but sometimes can go a little too far with it.


Newsanchor for Rhythm City's Channel 4 evening news.