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A Relationshift is a special conversation between two party members that has the potential to alter their opinions of one another. One that goes well leads to a healthier, better relationship, while a poorly-conducted Relationshift can make things worse. When one of these interactions takes place, a Soul-Smith has the option to use an Epiphany Shard to help guide the conversation in a certain direction.

While Relationshifts can take place naturally throughout the course of the adventure, they can also be triggered by the use of Sparks .

Relationship status

The status of relationships after Shyla and Clyde's relationshift

Relationshifts So FarEdit

Shyla and Clyde.

Summary: Clyde agreed to be an open book, chose not to talk about BB to shyla (- 1 heart), then Shyla asked about Tripsy revealing how Clyde helped the latter, showing Shyla he has a good heart. (+1 heart). NO CHANGE IN RELATION.