Shyla and Booboo watch a shooting star at the same moment Sasha is coronated.

Sasha used a cryptically prophetic poem to exposit to the readers why she is being coronated. The poem is interspersed with pictures of our heroes looking at bright stars in the sky.

The PoemEdit

When the hearts of the stars are shining bright

Deep in the midst of the Everclear Night

When desire is strong and will is awakened

May wishes be made and chances be taken In the blink of an eye to grant such a thought

Of men in distress and women distraught

The stars look down from their home in the clouds

And that night so fair they with magic enshroud

But if the desire of the heart's delight

Is tainted with darkness, then must rise the light

And gather them up, the hearts of the stars

Those crystalized messengers sent from afar

And one by one return to their home

Nestled inside a bed of stone

And with power of light, heroes assemble

Standing upright to make darkness tremble

So on that night so fair and so fine

Held still and clear in beauty divine

May the tale be told throughout history

Beginning with light, life and mystery