Club Step's humors go all wiggy.

"'You see, when an unstable soul is CRITICALLY SHAKEN to the point where its humors begin to separate from each other, either in battle or from other types of severe distress, the soul reaches a state of SCHISM. When in SCHISM, a soul's humors become accessible to a device we soul-crafters call an E.G.O., or ELECTRONIC GHOST OPERATOR. Through the use of this device, one can RENEW the humors of a soul that is breaking apart, and reuse them! These humors may only be collected after an enemy has been defeated, and are called"POST-HUMORS". By locking onto an enemy with an E.G.O. during a SCHISM, the POST-HUMORS will be automatically collected and stored in your HUMOR RESERVES."

First seen at the end of the fight with Club Step, a Schism is a state in which a character's humors are overflowing and coming apart, and need to be drained off in order to regain stability. The humors can be drained off as Post-Humors, and loaded into the E.G.O.'s Humor Reserves.