"For the throne of the Mushroom Kingdom, my life is forfeit!"

Sergent Toadsmere is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user mysticCharlatan. A member of the Mushroom Palace Guard. His devotion to the throne is second to none and in fact borders on the mildly obsessive.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 45% Ardent humor
    • + Willing to fight and die for the Mushroom Kingdom and its Monarch
    • - Will often attack any percieved threat to the Kingdom before asking questions, regardless of its legitimacy
  • 35% Aegis humor
    • + Unwavering resolve to his duty
    • - Refuses to believe the reigning Monarch is capable of wrong
  • 20% Relief Humor
    • + Honestly cares deeply for the wellbeing of the Kingdom and its Citizens
    • - Instantly assumes that he is always on the side of Right

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Always dressed in cerimonial armour... from about a century ago. Nobody asks him about this
  • Dark brown spots on his mushroom cap
  • Almost always keeps a straight face, in contrast to most toad's near permanent smiles

Personality and InterestsEdit

Ever since he could walk, Toadsmere knew that he was destined to serve in the Mushroom Kingdom's military. Upon arrival into its ranks, he was aghast to find that it was largely inefficient and untested, due to the Kingdom's contiual reliance on heroes such as Mario. While he never grudges the plumber for this, he has vowed to ensure that the army will be ready on the day that it is needed (which is coming soon, he can feel it!).

Most who have worked with him tolerate his near obsession with the Monarchy and unrelenting work ethic for the sole reason that he is in fact very good at whatever task he is given. He is currently assigned to the Palace Guard, and his recent promotion to a position where he holds command over even a few troops was met with nervous glances all round.

While he has always considered himself the devoted servant of Princess Peach, he has accepted that she has stepped down and allowed Sasha to take her place (or at least that's what he's been told, and he isn't going to question it). Upon her coronation, he serves Sasha with the same devotion he held towards the previous Princess, and is likely met with the same tired, reluctant acceptance that he always has been (not that he's ever noticed).


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