"Darkness isn't evil."

Shade is a Paper Mario fancharacter. He is a Toad with strange control over darkness.



Humor ProfileEditEdit

  • 40% Turnabout Humor
    • like night better than day, likes darkness, Is a loner, and is all-around a bizzare, but not evil Toad.
  • 20% Ardent Humor
    • + anger, zeal
    • - rage, irritation.
  • 40% Vision Humor
    • + innovation, creativity
    • - over-complication

Distinguishing FeaturesEditEdit

  • Purple cap with white spots
  • Purple sweater
  • Brown pants

Personality and InterestsEditEdit

Raised in a village of Toads, he never really had friends. Once, a Bob-omb bandit ransacked the village, and he was taken hostage. He ran away by night, and has been a youth in a unfamilliar place. He researched weird stuff, becoming a item craftsman/researcher, alawys working alone. His item shop is in a village of Crazy Dayzees.


He is an item craftsman/researcher.

Moves Edit

  • Shade Ball: 0 fp
    • A basic attack.
  • Lunar Veil: 4 fp
    • Boosts attack and defence
  • Moon Ray: 4 fp
    • Puts all enemies to sleep
  • Dark Blast: 6 fp
    • A powerful attack to all foes