Shoeshine's Soul-Smithing Recipe

"I'l'l finish what I started... no going back to shining shoes!" -Shoeshine


"Shoeshine", is a fancharacter created by MSPA user Efrite. He is a Bob-omb who has gone through hard times.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 20% Shine
    • Optimist about others' behaviour
    • Trusting
    • Guillible, easily swindled
    • Seldom digs below the surface

      Shoeshine in Paper Mario style.

  • 45% Vision
    • Focused on the task at hand
    • Tends to overcomplicate things after digging below the surface
    • Often cannot let go of the task at hand
  • 35% Aegis
    • Strong sense of hope
    • Steadfast in the face of adversity
    • Reckless, often unaware of his own weakness

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Body was once snow-white, it has been dirtied by years of shining shoes.
  • Fuse has been completely unraveled. This causes his explosions to be rather messy.
  • Wind-up key is broken and rusted.
  • Shoes don't match

Notable AttacksEdit

  • Headbonk (0FP): 2-3HP

    Shoeshine and Gill appear alongside Tripsy and Lolly in this panel.

  • Smoke Out (1FP): 0-4HP (Dizzy and Poison)
  • Dirt Bomb (3FP): 6-8HP (Poison)


After being confined to a small urban neighbourhood for most of his childhood, Shoeshine's primary interest is adventuring. His personality makes him somewhat restless; focused, but certainly restless. Always searching for adventures, he enjoys diners that post occassional wanted posters.