Sir Koopelleas is a Paper Mario fan-character created by MSPA user Mr_Ji. He is a Koopa Troopa and ex Koopatrol. He now prefers to call himself a Koopaladin, which might be a big hint as to how he carries himself now. He's generally reckless, and might be just a little bit too headstrong.

Humor Profile

Sir Koopellaes in Paper Mario style.

55% Aegis Humor
Positives: Steadfastness, Conviction
Negatives: Pride, Stubbornness, Recklessness

25% Ardent Humor
Positives: Anger, Zeal
Negatives: Rage

20% Flow Humor
Positives: Calm
Negatives: Carelessness

Distinguishing Features

Sir Koopelleas taken via low quality small camera

Spikes have been clipped or removed
Polished steel armor, rather than a dull grey.

Personality, Biography, and Interests

Sir Koopelleas began his early life as one of the many minions in Bowser’s army. After managing to avoid being defeated by Mario several times (not by his own merits, of course, but Mario leaves some Koopas behind) he was soon receiving promotions as his superiors fell to what was called “The Red Death”. This of course, soon brought him to the lofty heights of a Koopatrol, a position he held for many years before growing disgusted with Bowser’s ineffectual methods, and callous disregard for the plight of the common koopa. Armed only with his armor, then rendered as spineless as he could make it, he set out into the world calling himself a “Koopaladin”, and trying to alleviate suffering where he could. As it stands, he has been tracking down his former comrades in arms, other Koopatrols, and attempting to turn them from their service to Bowser or other agitators they might be following.

Personality wise, Koopelleas is a rather mixed bag, owing to his assortment of humors. First and foremost, after his time in Bowser’s army, he swore an oath of partial Pacifism, he would not be the one to start a fight, and he would not fight at all unless doing so could end the suffering of those around him. He has a massive disregard for his own life, and would prefer to take shots intended for anyone he didn’t deem his enemy, and once he’s decided to interpose himself before a threat, it is hard to talk him away from it until it can no longer harm anyone else. Of course, with the ardent humor given to him, he also possesses an angry side, which can be brought out if he is sufficiently provoked.

His interests include several quite logical things: Defending the weak, mocking those he deems evil, polishing his armor, friendly games of tennis, golf, go-karting, and the occasional party.