A simple picture of Sonny and his humors.

Sonny Irvin Cadlett III is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user sonic3535. Sonny is a pretty chill lakitu. He loves fishing and making friends. He is always relaxed, and his peaceful vibe is infectious.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 25% Logos
    • + Memory
    • + Order
  • 35% Flow
    • + Relaxed
    • + Calm
    • - Sloth
    • - Easily bored

      Sonny in Paper Mario style.

  • 40% Mend
    • + Compassion
    • + Helpfulness
    • - Gossip

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Sunglasses dominate Sonny's face
  • Sonny has five hairs, as opposed to the usual three
  • Sonny's shell is dyed blue, though does not have spikes like other blue shells
  • Sonny is often found holding a fishing rod

Personality and InterestsEdit

Sonny comes from a long line of fishing lakitus. Sonny Irvin Cadlett I won many fishing contests, and Sonny Irvin Cadlett II starred in multiple Mario Kart levels, fishing the racers out of rivers, lakes, and oceans that they often fell into. Sonny III uses fish as a way to occupy himself while relaxing at the pier on Lemonade Beach. He is too compassionate to eat the fish he catches, so he instead spends his time cataloging them. Other fishers consider Sonny the expert at knowing when, where, and how to fish for certain species, and Sonny has a great memory and sense of order for it all. When not fishing, Sonny is easily bored, and spends his extra time either napping (he slept through the coronation ceremony) or helping people around the beach with their relationship problems. He is widely known as a good listener and problem solver. Sonny does his best not to use the information he is given in a negative way, but sometimes it's hard not to gossip. Even so, whenever anyone is curious, upset, or maybe a little bored, Sonny can always be found at the pier to share his calm attitude.

Recently Sonny had also taken in an apprentice named Becker, who he teaches all he can about fish.


Sonny is self-employed, often selling his fish wisdom or being rewarded for acting as a mediator.