The humor recipe for the legendary Mario. Note the Soul Capsule.

Soul Capsules are rare smithing items that can be used to crystallize a humor, keeping it pure and separate from other humors in a soul mixture. These can bestow a variety of beneficial properties on a character, depending on which model is used.

Crafting Soul Capsules is one of the services trueBug offers at her shop, Infusion.

Standard CapsuleEdit

The Standard Capsule is the most basic model. It isolates the positive qualities of a humor and makes them the core virtues of a character's personality.  All other soul capsules have the properties of the Standard Capsule.

It is possible to create or commission a Standard Capsule with a unique shape, which some Soul Smiths do as a sort of personal signature.

Deluxe CapsulesEdit

Heart Capsule Edit

Heart of [Humor]

The Heart Capsule makes a character able to subconsciously percieve their encapsulated humor in other characters. They're often drawn to those who have that humor in common with them, and tend to be seen as having a mysterious intuition for others as a result.

Note CapsuleEdit

Note of [Humor]

The Note Capsule causes a character to give off an "aura" or "vibe" of their humor. This allows its positive qualities to be inspired in others nearby, even if they do not have that humor themselves. The resulting effect is quite subtle, but still enough for characters with this capsule to be seen as having a mysterious presence.

Keyhole CapsuleEdit

Sealed [Humor]

The Keyhole Capsule locks a humor away into a character's subconscious, making its qualities inaccessible until unlocked. Unlocking it requires specific conditions or events which are often difficult to orchestrate or predict. However, awakening the encapsulated humor often spurs the character into doing legendary deeds.

Star CapsuleEdit

The Star Capsule is a premium capsule with unknown properties. These are impossible to make or obtain without a large amount of Star power.

Other InformationEdit

  • Recipe-SQ

    The Shadow Queen's humor recipe, showing how Dire Humor can escape a capsule.

    Putting the Dire Humor in a soul capsule has been demonstrated to be an ineffective way to try and use it without the dangerous consequences. It cannot be contained by a capsule, and eventually breaks out.
  • However, it's possible to put the Turnabout Humor in a capsule, which has the benefit of making any resulting eccentricities completely harmless (and possibly even charismatic).