In honor of gS’s hard work and new project, I am going to be hosting the first (possibly annual?)


That’s right kids, it’s time to put that creative energy to good use and make a character that could fit into the Everclear Night world. Of course, a lot of you do this already, but now there’s PRIZES!

We’ll get to those soon enough, though. First, some rules, guidelines, and helpful hints.


1. Any character entered into this contest MUST be created between the time of the start of this contest and the deadline. No premades. All character submissions will be made in this thread. Please keep idle chatter to a minimum.

2. The character MUST have a written backstory, humor recipe, and a drawn picture in order to be submitted. (The character will not be decided based on the drawing skills of the creator. It is only for a simple visualization and to show thought and effort put into play. Remember, you’re smithing a soul! Put some effort in!) A theme song is optional. (Youtube link)

3. Only one character per user, please.

4. Characters must easily fit into the ECN world.

5. Decisions made by the judges are final. New rules may be added in response to extraordinary events.


1. For the love of Star Road, no Dire Humor.

2. More detail is better.

3. Challenge yourself.

4. Have fun!

Now for the part everyone’s mouth is watering for, the PRIZES!

1st PLACE: The first place winner will become canon! That’s right! Guaranteed to make an appearance in the story! That’s not all, though! gestaltScribbler himself will create art for your character, and even compose a theme song! On top of all that, the winner receives 100 personal EGO credits to spend in the story how he or she chooses! Wow!

2nd PLACE: The Runner-Up receives 50 personal EGO credits to spend in the story, and art of the character!

3rd PLACE: The Third Place winner receives 25 personal EGO credits to spend in the story, and art of the character.

“But Burkhart! What if I didn’t win? Surely someone as handsome and generous as yourself can’t just leave me out in the cold! I worked hard!”

No worries, friend! All participants will get the right to display a shiny new achievement for being in the contest!

All of this fun is going to be judged by myself, the magnificent trueBug, and gestaltScribbler himself! The contest deadline will be January 1st, 2013. (Subject to change)

Now get out there and smith!