The Mystery Boo is a fan character created by MSPA user Voice_Of_Reason. Mystery Boo is a gray Boo which suggests he has his home somewere dark. Whenever he is seen, it is in a dark place. There have been no sightings during the day or out in the open.

My Boo -2

The Mystery Boo

Humor ProfileEdit

  • Logos 42%
    • + Resoning, Deduction
    • - Emotionlessness
  • Mend 24%
    • + Selflessness, Empathy
  • Flow 34%
    • + Peace, Patence
    • - Carelessness

Distinguishing featuresEdit

  • Dark Gray color
  • Protruding tooth

    The Mystery Boo in Paper Mario style.

  • ? shaped tatoo on right arm


Although he cares about others and wouldnt try to hurt anyone many people suspect him of crimes. He does not know were these ideas came from but his best guess is that it comes from his lurking around in the dark and only comeing out at night. Due to his carelessness he has been seen by several people. One became very serious and has started to try to track him down.

Personality & IntrestsEdit

"The Mystery Boo" isn't really all that mysterious, he just prefers to stay In dark places. He does have three or four close friends who have nicknamed him M.B. because he can't even remember his own name. His earliest memory is that he was stuck in a pitch black cave for quite some time.

His ectoplasmic body is hypersensitive to sunlight and his eyes are adjusted to pitch blackness. He only ever leaves his humble abode at night and even then wears super dark sunglasses to protect his eyes. although he has recently developed a way to travel outside during the day. The technique involves a heavy coat that covers his intire body and a pare of extremly dark glasses. He still prefers to stay in the shadows and most people seem to be someewhat creeped out by his heavy garbs it does look somewhat sketchy.

He likes music a lot. He was once lured into daylight by an amazing song somebody was playing which sounded like a music box. After his encounter with sunlight his body turned a bit of a lighter shade but there were no other side efects. He doesn't like scaring people. He finds it useless and not all that funny. He enjoys trying new foods, That's how he lost a tooth. M.B. prefers to stick with his small group of loyal friends, but sometimes he will make a new one.