Tom, the slick player boo.

"'Ey, darlin', what's goin' down? You come here often?"

Tom is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user artisticallyChallenged.

Tom is a bomb boo.


Tom is a boo that has lived the Marioverse dream. He started off a poor boo, but through hard work and good use of his talents, he, too, became like Mario!

While in college, struggling to pay for tuition and housing, Tom became a waiter in a swanky nighttime cafe in Toad Town. He charmed all the ladies and soon enough, that café was the happenin' place to be! Word caught on about this bewitchingly handsome, classy and alluring boo, and one day a modeling agency scout decided to drop on in. Tom, of course, landed the job and the rest is history.

...Well, sort of. At one point in his life, Tom had a fianceé. She was the absolute apple of his eye, the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, but she strayed from him and gradually became more and more distant until she finally left him for good. Ever since, Tom has been trying to patch the hole in his "heart" by getting with lotsa ladies. However, this has proven unsuccessful and has caused nothing but pain for everyone else!

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 40% Insight
    • Confidence, Ambition, Diligence
    • Arrogance, Tactlessness, Perfectionism
  • 30% Blithe
    • Vigor, Playfulness, Gregariousness (sociability)
    • Flippancy, Bluntness, Superficiality
  • 25% Vision
    • Innovation, Creativity, Focus
    • Tunnel Vision, Introversion, Overcomplication
  • 5% Ardent
    • Love, Anger, Zeal
    • Infatuation, Irritation, Rage

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Is a bomb boo
  • Dashing cufflings, collar and tie
  • Suave eyebrows
  • City-slicker accent
  • Surprisingly intelligent
  • Handles people well

Personality and InterestsEdit

Tom is incredibly charming and is considered to be insaaaane amounts of handsome by boo standards. Sadly for the ladies, he knows this well and uses it to his advantage!

He's hard-working and, oddly enough, very intelligent, too. (He's the whole package! Whatta rare bird.) He dabbles in making machinery on the side and isn't above making a buck from anyone who asks (e.g. Bowser).


Originally works as a waiter, but then becomes a model. Also is an inventor/salesperson for his inventions.