Tripsy in Paper Mario style.

Tripsy is a Shyguy that wears a cat-like mask and has a tail. He is a loyal follower of Clyde, and is more than happy to help the Goomba out in any way he can. Tripsy has managed to get on Shyla's bad side for peddling what she views as poor quality sodas and muscling in on her territory. It also seems to bother her how odd his cat-like features are, and she has theorized that Tripsy might not be a Shyguy at all.

Interests and PersonalityEdit


Tripsy's Catalyst Words

Though Tripsy had been previously mentioned in the story, he was created via the Catalyst Words "Shyla's Nefarious Arch-Rival," and is the first character in the story to be created this way. As can be seen, Tripsy's zodiac sign is the Song.

Tripsy seems to have trouble saying the letter S, so he tends to replace it with "th". He appears to be a generelly nice person, even being friendly to Shyla, who hates him. HIs humor recipe was discovered while rummaging through gS' SuperEgo .



Tripsy's recipe.