The Turnabout Humor.

Color: Pumpkin Orange (Hex: #FFAC00)

Good For: Eccentrics

Positives: Uniqueness, quirkiness

Negatives: Overly disturbing tendencies

"I'd really question the ethics of a soul-smith who just carelessly threw this stuff around. It's meant for occasional originality and maybe little weirdness every now and again."


  • trueBug's humor profile seem to have a small amount of Turnabout which may explain her quirky interest in bugs and"quirkier" sense of humor.


Turnabout is a humor that reverses typical fears and preferences. In general sense, it can create an interest in things that would normally be frightening to a character of a certain species or background. For example, adding this could make an otherwise regular Toad or Koopa have a fondness for Darkness, the Night, snakes, spiders, graveyards, etc. This can make a character creepy, spooky, or otherwise a bit strange, but ultimately harmless when used in moderation.

Too much of this humor can make something spookier than the soul smith originally desired. However, it is still a much more preferable alternative where one might be tempted to use the Dire Humor.

The Turnabout Humor's unusual behavior can be further seen in how it behaves when used in split-mixing. Instead of blending with the second humor, it will spawn a random one from each combination the second one is found in. It is even possible to end up with the base humor originally used to mix with Turnabout, which makes this method of obtaining new humors a potential waste of credits.