Tutankaboom is a Paper Mario fancharacter created by MSPA user BigotiVermell/The-Goomba. He is a Bob-Omb Pharaoh who often uses exaggerated phrases and similes, and has a phobia of heights.

Humor ProfileEdit

  • 30% Shine
    • + Joy, Optimism
  • 35% Relief
    • + Inner Peace

      Tutankaboom's Recipe Card

    • - Forgetfulness
  • 35% Vision
    • - Overcomplication

Distinguishing FeaturesEdit

  • Orange
  • Pharaoh Headmask (Blue/Gold) with Chain Chomp decor
  • Red Shoes
  • Wind Up Key is a Stone tablet with heiroglyphics.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Tutankaboom is an expert at exploding things with pinpoint accuracy and power level, a trick he taught himself when he was a young Bob-Omb to create as little mess and noise as possible when he'd go out of the house at night to go on one of his explorations.

He loves to eat, and often

A pic of Tutankaboom (V.1) in Paper Mario style.

eats more than he can chew, causing him to experience bad stomachaches. His love for food is from his childhood, when he went exploring. He discovered a secret oasis where trees of wonderful fruit grew, and stuffed down every night when he needed a break. Only he and his best friend, Anubob, knows the location.

He is extremely loyal, and will do anything to protect something or someone he really cares for, but in retrospect he is very forgetful, disorganized and usually exaggerates things to the point where when he really wants to point out something that is actually extraordinary and needs urgent concern, others get confused, as all they are used to his exaggerations. So, problems generally ensue. However, he is generally a jolly character and likes to have conversations with everyone he comes into contact with.

He is spooked by the technology and modern lifestyle, now that he lives in the present. He tried to fit in with modern styles, but ended up looking very strange, hence why he keeps his headmask on. When asked why he dresses so, he simply answers with a simple "I'm on my way to a fictional character convention"


He is the Pharaoh of Gritzy Desert, approximately 5000 years in the past. Prior to the events of Everclear night, he is blasted to the future after one of E. Gadd's Time machines arrived in his time period and left a time hole. This was not at the time during the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, though.

As Pharaoh, he was very much liked by his subjects, even though his tendancy to exaggerate has caused many problems, as the oasis he discovered as a child was plentiful in produce for trade with neighboring regions, leading the community to prosper. Even though he would forget important events, and had a tendency to explode when he panicked, he'd (almost) always find a solution (however ridiculous) to the city's problem.

However, ever since he and Anubob disappeared through the mysterious yellow and purple portal that appeared out of no-where, the city vanished over time.