picture of Violinin by Hero122 :D


Species: Shadow.
45 % Logos
+ Reasoning, Order.
- Superiority Complex
25% Aegis
+ Hope
- Stubbornness, Recklessness
30% Vision
+ Innovation, Creativity
- Overcomplication

Distinguishing Features
Uses a violin as a weapon, that he can summon from thin air.
Always travels, while settling down for short periods of time to improve his musical skills.
Has a wavey blue hat.
Is a classic at violin, however as the new generation of the mushroom kingdom has come in, he's expanded his talents to Piano, Electric Violin, and the kazoo.

Personality and InterestsEdit

Violinin is a solid dude. He grew up always making instruments out of pipes, wires, whatever he could get his hands on. There was never too much noise with him around growing up. Most other shadows don't happen to be able to hear music, instead it just sounds like wind and scratching. Once old enough, he packed his bags and left, training under masters of the art of sick rhythms and daunting melodies. He's recently come out with his hit single, "Birabuto Kingdom Beat" For him, no song is impossible, and no challenge is worth letting up. He was once asked to play his trademark violin in the back of the theatre to make room for more "talented" musicians. He willing accepted and even behind concrete walls he was the most pronounced instrument in the entire theatre. If you find him not either practicing or preforming, you'll find him traveling the world, looking for new chances and inspirations. He had been invited to the coronation for the new princess while traveling to the peak of Cool-Cool mountain, and it slipped from his fingers after reaching the top. He is well known around the mushroom kingdom, and is quite worried that the new generation of the mushroom kingdom will leave behind his musical style. He is also quite capable in battle with his violin bow, having used it to ward of bandits he meets on the way to new towns and places.


Traveling musician/Music Icon.